Bart H – Freedom Through Knowing Him

It has been seven years since I repented and accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

I grew up in an environment that presented me Biblical knowledge, as I was raised in a Christian home and attended Catholic Schools until eighth grade. Through what I saw and perceived as a child, I came to the point of feeling that God was more of a law-giver than a father. Even though I had knowledge of the teaching of the Bible, I had no instruction or understanding of how to have a relationship with Him.

Before Christ transformed my life, I walked in total rebellion to God and what I had learned about His teachings. I was driven by the addictions of my life. Every weekday I craved the weekend and I lived for myself. The relationship I had with those around me were, at best, self serving. At the center of my being was selfishness and hatred.

After years of living that lifestyle, I was brought to a place of mental and physical brokenness. I walked through two years of panic attacks that broke down my self-reliance and pride. This lead me to understand there was a giant hole in my life, but I didn’t know how to fill it.

Around this time, my girlfriend of six years gave her life to Christ and shared with me the change in her life and who Christ really was. I began watching a televangelist and one night, when I couldn’t bear it anymore, I repented of my sins, acknowledged the price that was paid by Jesus, and gave Him lordship over my life.

Since I’ve given my life to the Lord, He has freed me from drug, alcohol, and tobacco dependency. He has removed me from a volatile work environment and brought me into a place of management in a business that allows me to witness for Christ verbally and by my actions on a daily basis. He allowed me to marry my girlfriend, who first shared Christ with me, and has blessed our marriage immensely. I have had the opportunity to share the Gospel message with young boys and stand in the gap for them in the role of mentor and teacher. Every day God continues to refine me for His purposes.

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