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The Bible is God’s Word to us revealing Himself, His purposes, and His plans. It is God breathed and was written by men under the supernatural guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is truth without any mixture of error and is the supreme standard by which all beliefs, conduct, and opinions should be tried. Dt 4:1-14; 17:18-20; Psa 19:7-11; Jn 17:17; Rom 15:4; 2Tim 3:16-17; Heb 4:12; Titus 1:9


There is only one true and living God. He is all present, all powerful, and all knowing. He is perfect in all His attributes. God is holy, just, loving, and merciful. He is creator and sustainer of the universe and has revealed Himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. To Him we owe our highest love, reverence, and obedience. Gen 1:1-2:3; Dt 32:3-4; 2 Sam 7:22; Psa 83:18; Psa 139:7-10; Pro 15:3; Isa 6:3; Lam 3:22-23; Lk 1:37; Acts 5:29; Heb 4:13; 11:3; 1Jn 4:8


Jesus Christ is the Word that became flesh and dwelt among us, equal with the Father. He is God’s Son, born of a virgin, who lived a sinless life and offered Himself as the perfect sacrifice for the sin of the world through His death on the cross. He arose from the dead demonstrating His victory over sin and death, giving Him preeminence in everything. He ascended into heaven, sits at the right hand of God, and intercedes for His church. He will return in power and glory, receive His church unto Himself, and establish His kingdom forever. Mt 3:17; Jn 1:14; Rom 1:3-4; 8:34; 2 Cor 5:21; Gal 1:4; Eph 5:2; Phil 2:6-11; Col 1:15-22; 1Thes 4:13-18; Heb 1:1-4