Christine M – A Real Peace

Before I came to know Jesus in a personal way, my life had order and a semblance of traditional Christian habits, but no real peace or joy. Even as a married woman with a young child, I knew nothing of the unconditional love that soothes the soul. Self pity, anger, and confusion were the constant emotions of my daily life. I made my own plans and did whatever I thought necessary to accomplish them. I was aware of the Bible, but did not know it contained words from a Heavenly Father who loved me and had specific plans for my life.

During my twenties, my neighbor invited me to Bible Study Fellowship, where we studied the book of Genesis. God used this book of history to woo me to himself within an atmosphere that spoke to my interests and even provided a loving, nurturing place for my young son. It was during one of those studies I asked those around me, “How do you know you are going to heaven? You all act like you already know!”

After a few minutes of silence, someone spoke about the gift of salvation freely given by God through his Son, Jesus. It was further explained that all who repented and asked to become a child of God were assured of his gift of salvation. I read the scriptures that were given to me and prayed that God would forgive me and accept me into his family. He graciously answered my prayer.

In the years that followed, I was introduced to sisters in Christ who were associated with Christian schools and soon began working with children, teaching them the Word of God. I was learning more about the Bible as well. The blessings that have been poured out on my family since I asked, “How do you know?”, have been many. I now pray for the generations to come, that they would know and embrace the loving Word of our Heavenly Father, and that they will receive his free gift of salvation.

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