Jackie H – Love Breaks Through

My background is one of abuse. By the age of nine, I had experienced the diseases and deaths of my sister and mother. By the age of 14, I was abandoned, neglected, and left with a younger brother and sister to raise. By the age of 15, drugs and alcohol were my escapes from reality. As a senior in high school, I worked three jobs to support my family, my habits, and myself. Though I thought about suicide, deep down I held to the hope that things would get better.

Even in my rebellion, darkness, and hopelessness, I recognized God. I had heard that God loved me, but couldn’t understand why my life looked the way it did. I concluded He wouldn’t want me. After two years of depression, I finally reached a point where I was ready to give up my ways, but realized I was powerless. I called out to God, saying, “If it wasn’t too late, I needed help.” He heard me and immediately reached out His hand, pulled me up, came into my heart, and freed me from all my addictions.

I began to see life differently and recognized the blessing I had in my future husband. God had brought us together and kept us through dark times. God began to do a work in both of our hearts and today we are blessed with a relationship with Him and a great marriage and friendship with each other. I have love, acceptance, and security through Jesus Christ. My purpose is to live my life in obedience to Him, glorifying Him in every area of my life, and to extend the love, mercy, and forgiveness to others that has been extended to me.

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