Memory Lane

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The Scriptures encourage us to make ‘memorial stones.’ Memorial stones are the markers that reminded the people of Israel of some great work God did in their midst. It was an opportunity to remember and to tell present and future generations of His marvelous love and work in real history with real circumstances. I suppose in today’s economy memorial stones would be videos or pictures, perhaps journals, scrapbooks, or a box of keepsakes from memories past.

While preparing for Sunday’s presentation on the building, I have had a chance to review many of the documents relating to how we came to begin and pursue the building of a new sanctuary. Just as with old ‘memorial stones,’ pictures, or journal entries, I was amazed at how God has lead us. Going through the documents was like going down memory lane with Father God leading and reminding of me of how He has been with us and has promised to see us through. It is comforting and encouraging. It reminds me that we are on the path He has chosen.

I hope you will be with us Sunday, as we look at where we have been, where we are, and where we are going with the building of the sanctuary. Perhaps you may want to travel down your own memory lane with Father God and remember how He has blessed your life, brought deliverance, fulfilled promises, and proven that He is guiding you even now.
                    ~Pastor Sam Brooks