The Open Door worship team considers it a privilege to be called to lead in worship each Sunday. A dedicated and talented group of musicians and vocalists offer their gifts to honor the One worthy of praise and worship. Based on a ‘temple’ approach, we utilize scripturally sound lyrics and appropriate contemporary music styles that can, by the power of the Spirit, take us from the outer court to the inner court and into the most holy place. All of this is only possible by the Blood of the Lamb. We see each service as an opportunity to “follow the river” of the Holy Spirit, as Bob Sorge puts it.

The requirements for participation are a minimum level of skill, the ability to work with others, knowing the Lord Jesus in a personal way, growing in the truth, and having The Open Door as your church home. It is also important to have the support of your family and a commitment to serving others. We encourage you to become involved.

If you’d like more information about worship opportunities please contact us at