Worship Leader

Fred Davis

Meet our leadership: Worship Leader Fred Davis

Fred has been in worship ministry for over twenty years and has served as Worship Director at The Open Door since 1998. He’s honored to serve with a team of dedicated individuals with a heart for worship. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, he has played guitar and bass, and has been singing lead since high school. He married his wife, Debbie, in June, 1979. They have three adult children: Kat, Caroline, and William. In addition to his musical experience, Fred has maintained a law practice in Lafayette since 1983. He is also a teacher at UL- Lafayette.

Fred accepted Jesus as His Lord and Savior on December 31, 1983, at a Michael Card concert. Fred considers it a fulfillment of his life’s passion to be able to lead worship. Fred’s ministry scripture is found in 1 Chronicles 16.

“To lead in worship, we are privileged to serve as facilitators for people to enter into a deeper experience of the presence of God! We celebrate with our voices, instruments, hands, and entire countenance to glorify and honor God. He is the Audience of One. When the congregation grasps that, the worship team becomes invisible.”

According to Fred, the basis for the worship experience is best summarized by Louie Giglio. “We are created to worship; as humans we are going to engage in that activity. The question is whether our actions and thoughts honor Jesus, the only One worthy of our adoration. If we are engaged in life by placing Jesus at the center of our worship, then we don’t ‘go to church to worship,’ we ‘go worshiping to church’.” It’s a huge difference because church is not compartmentalized as our only ‘worship’ activity.

Fred Davis