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New Members Class

Welcome to the family!

Why Membership?


OPPORTUNITY to express your commitment to the Lord Jesus, to be encouraged in your walk and life, to exercise your gifts in serving others, and to enter into leadership within the Body.

ACCOUNTABILITY that encourages conformity to the image of Christ, developing integrity of heart and actions, and continuing service to others.

What is membership?

For the purposes of The Open Door, membership comprises those who testify to their relationship with Jesus Christ through the new birth experience and who by evidence of their conduct are pursuing and continuing a vital fellowship and discipleship with the Lord. The minimum age for membership is sixteen.

Members come in agreement with the body of believers at The Open Door to protect the unity of our fellowship, support the testimony of our fellowship, serve the ministry, and share the responsibility of our fellowship.

New Members Connect Class starting September 17 at 9:15am

This 6-week Connect Class meets weekly on Sunday morning from 9:15 to 10:15 am. Pastor Jeff walks through the beliefs and the structure of The Open Door, as well as the heart of membership. This class also prepares you to take on an active role within the church.