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Growth Groups Fall 2023

Midweek classes for continuous spiritual growth.

Fall Growth Groups 2023

Growing in Grace & Knowledge

In the spirit of 2 Peter 3:18, which encourages us to

"grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,"

we are excited to invite you to a transformative journey this fall.

Join us as we embark on a profound exploration of a particular book of the Bible,

nurturing both our understanding and our faith.

This season is all about fostering a deeper connection with our Lord and Savior.

Growth Groups start Wednesday, September 20!

Midweek Meal- 5:30 pm

Midweek Service- 6:15 pm

The Book of Jonah

Come see God give his great Salvation to a lost people (Nineveh)

through a hard-hearted servant (Jonah).

See God’s patience with his servant heart.

We are Nineveh. We are Jonah.

Taught by Jonathan Dupuis

The Book of Judges

Uncover the fascinating tales of judges, warriors,

and divine deliverance in the Book of Judges.

Join our Bible study to explore the unique challenges and triumphs

within this captivating biblical book.

Taught by Mika Hernandez

The Book of John

A study of the 7 “I AM” statements of the Lord Jesus found in the gospel of John.

Learn what Jesus said about himself and what those promises mean to us, His followers.

Taught by Oliver Carmichael